On November 10, 2017, New Haven, Connecticut-based singer/songwriter Manny James is ready to captivate his audience yet again with the release of his second commercial music album- Church Street South. The album is distributed through Patriarch Recordings. On the heels of his debut album Just Being Honest- which featured such soul-touching songs like: If the Sky Was Blue and She is Loved- Manny’s new album gives listeners a diverse array of songs that speak on current and relatable topics for a wide range of audiences.  


James found refuge in music at the young age of 7. He recalls listening to gospel music- often played by his family- as well as 70’s soul, R & B and hip-hop classics. The values that were instilled in him by his southern parents, partnered with the perils he experienced and witnessed in the streets around him gave Manny an edge that you can feel and hear in his music. James has drawn from his survivalist instincts, love for music, go-getter attitude, pain and happiness in creating the intimate and thought-provoking EP, Church Street South. 


When asked about the new album, James states: “The album gives insight into who I am. It’s a reflection of where I am personally, as well as musically. It also shows my growth and my aspirations as an artist. To understand my story- is to truly understand my music. That is what this album is about.” 


The infectious and sensuous lead single- Comfortable- has a sexy and modern vibe that will appeal to all. Another standout track on the album is Dear America. This is the record that Manny notes as the most important on the album to him personally, as it is a song that encompasses many of the issues that people of color experience regularly. Says James of Dear America: “I feel that as an artist you should use your platform to help move the culture forward by speaking on the issues that are important to you, your community and to people that share the same experiences. For me, the issues are inequality, racism, police brutality and bigotry- to name a few. Progression starts with dialogue and hopefully, Dear America can be a catalyst for that.” 


The sexy video representation for Comfortable has just been released on Youtube. It is currently well on it's way to 50,000 views. Go check it out for yourself.